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Radio Network Optimization (RNO)

The rapid growth of cellular mobile networks and the multiple services that are now offered have placed new challenges and set new boundaries regarding network capacity and quality. In order to ensure the profitability of operator and the satisfaction of end users, PMT provides services, optimization of radio networks according to the needs and requirements of each client.

We design and provide overall telecom Radio Network Optimization services (RNO) for our client using the latest technology and adopting the best industry methodologies frameworks and best practices and also skilled resources to ensure that the network achieved best performance out of existing resources available in the network and KPIs

We have dynamic team that consist of highly qualified and experienced professional including project manager & Supervisor, RF consultant, RF planning engineer, Optimization engineer, DT analysis, DT technical team. Optimization data service administrator, logistic and facilities officer. Our knowledge in modern tools in planning and simulation in various radio technologies such as GSM / GPRS, UMTS / HSPA+, LTE, WiMAX, WiFi and 5G.
RNO Service Offered:

- Network data collection and verification ( Drive-test ) for different technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-A using DT tools. - Network troubleshooting based on drive test logs and statistical analysis
- Network benchmarking among competing operators
- Analysis of OSS statistics
- Analysis of walk test and drive test data
- Indoor Network Planning and Design

Radio Network Optimization Framework Structure:
usually defined in several stages approach & services

Stage 1: RNO Definition Phase

- Getting all information needed for optimization
- Establish KPI & Performance Objectives
- Determine working parameters
- Setting scope and responsibility between departments

Stage 2: First Stage Optimization Services

Ensuring network is performing as designed and to meet kPIs Statistical Analysis, parameter audit, frequency plan review, site data audits, consistency checks As built drive test Change request / update site / Parameter database change and monitoring

Stage 3: Continuous Optimization

- Continuously looking to improve network performance
- Cost Effective solutions Identifying Problems before they become serious

RNO Measurement Tools

We have equipped RNO measurement test tool consists of: DT Tools : NEMO/TEMS software, phones, GPS antenna

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